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Our School is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge of those individuals who have a passion for improving athletic performance in athletes while protecting them and keeping them robust for competition.

“If you are looking for a comprehensive guide for neck and head support “Reinforcement” should be your first choice. Coach Kenn continues to give back to our field by providing this tremendous resource to help coaches protect their athletes through programs that strengthen the neck and trapezius/posterior shoulder region. The training of the neck should be included in any comprehensive Strength and Conditioning Program and I have been able to add some tools to my own toolbox after reading and viewing the video content that comes with “Reinforcement”.”

Ben Hilgart

Strength & Conditioning

University of Arizona

Kerry Harbor

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Winston Salem State University

“Joe Kenn has been one of the most innovative and creative people in the fitness industry for over thirty years and a tremendous resource for all strength coaches at every level of competition. I think that this book will provide all strength coaches the tools that they need to design better programs to improve the overall health and performance of every athlete that they work with in their strength and conditioning programs. It contains an incredible amount of information about how to design better programs to increase neck strength while also developing all the muscles that support and protect the head in athletes of all ages. Research has shown that the implementation of these types of strength programs have greatly reduced the occurrence and severity of concussions in all sports.”